The Adventurer Creed

In a male world adventurer style is everything  that defines masculinity. When a man wishes to look put together yet have the freedom to move freely around and express own roughness at the same time with clothes he wears the style made for adventure seekers is all he needs.

This style might, at first sight, seem quite dull design vise but in reality, it is true to its name, it brings something else to male fashion table.

Main style elements of adventurer fashion have been worn by men for quite some time through history. The origin of the most fashion items of this style has roots in West European fashion made for the hunt later adopted and made popular by archeologists, both hunting and archeology have been known as adventurous jobs, therefore, the name of this style.

Pop culture has made the very word adventurer a stereotypical image of a man dressed up in earth colors, a manly man, someone you are likely to find in nature doing hard work with wood for example. Well, some men that prefer this style indeed do all this still and clothes that they wear are quite helpful but most men wear it for comfort, aesthetic reasons, and self-expression.

Khaki pants, olive colors and in general earth tones are preferred. When it comes to accessories Adventurer men like their headwear, Beanies, fedoras and safari hats are this styles must. Adventurer men like gingham and plaid patterns. Jeans is often used in this style and so are fur elements. Parkas are outworn of choice and so are all sorts of sleeveless jackets. Adventurer males prefer wearing their boots and timberlands.


This style is quite a good option for men eager for some kind of action or those who daily have quite active days, or they simply like to look like they do.