The Athlete Creed

Jock style is ultimate sport male style. We know men love sports so it is safe to say Jock Style is one of their favorites.

The style became a stereotype of a sort due to it being incorporated in the movie industry and linked to certain characters which often did not have quality personality characteristics, but when it comes to fashion this style is on a light side, or bright, or good… however you wish to call it, it is fashion approved, mind you not for all occasions.

The history of sports fashion is safe to say, ancient, the popularisation of the same in recent history came to exist in mid-war and post-war period. Jock style as we know it has got its modern fashion definition in the 60s.

Modern Jock's are sporty and trendy males who have a love for quality and comfort. These men are ready to hit a gym after a coffee run with the friends.

The branch of the fashion industry, especially male side, has perfected the jock designs because this style is often used by professional sports and people who in general play sports, the garments are adapted for the human body and made to be an item that can help a person be better at activities they do. Aesthetics are never overlooked by designers, so we have a plethora of sports garments designed to captivate the person, designers are racing to be more creative and this style offers so much space for their creativity to bloom.

Essentials of this style are windbreakers, hoodies, muscle shirts and t-shirts, jumpers, shorts, runners. When it comes to accessories jocks love their beanies, backpacks and sports bags. Brands such as Addidas, Nike, and Rebook have become fashion classics of the sports industry and have earned their places in many subcultures because men have worn and overworn their designs.

In the 21st century where comfort is everything, Jock style has become one of the most popular male fashion styles.