The Corporate Creed

There is a spectrum of styles men can choose from to define themselves, present to the world what they wish the world to know of them. 

One of the styles that are among most popular ones is Corporate style.

The characteristic of this style is that it is business and formal appropriate. Men that decide to dress in this style should own suits, a lot of suits… there is never enough of suits with the corporate style.

Shirts are important, they need to be simple, without a lot of patterns or experimental fabrics. You can opt out for shirts in color such as pale pink, burgundy, navy but have in mind that then you have to find a fitting suit for it. Currently, the trendiest combination for this style is plain black suit or blazer and white shirt, it is a little black dress of male fashion.

Just like with anything to look best that you can, and with this style the goal is to look professional and classy, it is important to pay attention to the fit and the material of the suits and shirts you decide to wear and combine. Good quality shoes are a must.


When it comes to materials most suits are made of wool, cashmere, cotton, linen, silk, polyester or velvet. Depending on the season you should pay attention to the materials your suits are made of, wool is for example not the best option for hot weather and should be avoided unless it is needed for whatever reason.

The accessories for this style are good quality watches, ties, chest handkerchiefs (whose pattern should match either the tie or shirt in color or in the pattern), often the hats such as Fedora are worn outdoors.

Coats are usual to outwear that is worn over suits in this style. Just like suits, the material of coats should adapt to weather and the shape of the coat should also adapt to the shape of the suit. One should always keep in mind to coordinate colors, materials, and patterns, for this style avoid bright colors, and avoid unconventional patterns.


Nowadays corporate style is a style not many dares to wear. It takes a special kind of man to commit to style as defined as Corporate is.