The GentleMan Creed

Every man should have a goal in life to be known as a gentleman. The manners he owns are obviously the first characteristic of the man known under this name, better said the title, they are good, courteous manners, but as humans are visual creatures if one wishes to be known as one, man has to dress up accordingly.

Gentlemen dress up just as they behave in clothes known to be classy and of good taste. A gentleman follows sort of a list of rules when it comes to fashion, he does not experiment, if it is known that a tie should be in a certain knot gentleman respects that and always wears his tie that before mentioned way.

When it comes to the very history of the gentleman it is long and has royal roots. It is important to mention so we have an idea of the posture and style one has to live in. Gentlemen were the lowest rank in courts back in the days, nowadays, in the 21st century to be known as a gentleman is an honor of the highest rank so to say, oh how the tables have turned.

When it comes to the fashion gentlemen are fond of suits but they are not only wearing them, obviously. Gentlemen style is rich with colors, not vibrant ones though and textures, not hectic ones. Man that holds to himself owns cardigans, shirts, trousers, well fit jeans. Gentlemen love their hats and their favorites are fedoras, ascots, boaters, Gatsby hats, Panama hats – derby hats and top hats are stereotypical gentlemen headwear but are definitively not worn in the 21st century, they are parts of an interesting male style history.

Male style is ever evolving but some things will stay the same for many years after our time. The good fashion is never out of style.