The Prepster Creed

One of the well-known styles in male fashion is Prepster, you probably know this style simply as Preppy.

This style is derived from a style worn by students back in the days in the period between 1st and 2nd world wars. Those were students who were going to preparatory schools – those schools were prestigious often private and were preparing its students for universities of the same status if not even better, therefore the style got associated with snobbism quite often. It is safe to say this style derived in Western Europe and often is connected stereotypically to Great Britain, well England to be specific.

In recent history Preppy style was very popular in 80's for both males and females, it had its peak in the United States of America among others. As we know the 80s were a period when a lot of fashion styles emerged such as Rock or Punk. Preppy was a clean cut opposite of rebellious fashion that was blooming in the period.

When it comes to male prepster fashion in times we live in, it is often worn by young city guys who enjoy clean cuts and layering, yet are not giving up on comfort and sports.

Prepster style is characterized by a mixture of sporty and classic clothes, therefore polo shirts are essential for any man that wishes to be a true prepster. Colors for this style are all sorts of pastels, the more vibrant colors should be avoided. Patterns such as stripes and gingham are preferred.

Khaki pants are together with polo shirts a prepster essential, also a good cardigan and a blazer should be owned for this style.

Layering is as before mentioned one of the characteristics of prepster style. Wearing a shirt under a jumper and over it all, a nice blazer is a stereotypical preppy fashion. When it comes to footwear leather sneaker in the classic cut can be a good substitute for classic leather shoes. Moccasins are also footwear of choice for many preppy men.

Prepster accessories are scarves, glasses, fedoras, beanies… When it comes to outwear prepster style allows men to wear sporty jackets such as puffers as long as the rest of the outfit is rather more classy – as said puffer jackets are worn, so are leather jackets, parkas, wool coats and trench coats.

In conclusion, prepster fashion is a combination of clean sportswear with classic formalwear, a mixture of comfort and class.