The Rockstar Creed

Good old Rock n Roll has implemented itself in our lives not only with its energetic music but with the style that got created before it. The image of rebellious free lifer pop's up in our minds when we hear the rockstar style being mentioned. You don't listen to rock, you live it, in this case, you live in it.

Rock style fashion has originated in Britain in 50's, by its origin it is connected to biker subculture, just like rock music was incorporated in the same, the very name of the style is connected to the motorcycle engine, well the rockers in 4-stroke engines, something quite a small number of people know of nowadays – biker subculture is safe to say and only right thing to say the creator of rock style as we know it today.

The very fashion style has been created for the needs of this motorcycle driving young people who had enough of societies old ways. Leather jackets were good protection from the wind while the men were driving the open roads 100km ph, aviator glasses protected them from both sun and the wind, jeans were the most comfortable for them to sit on a motorcycle long period of time and they offered a good protection from the elements.

Leather, metal ornaments, jeans, often long or boyish messy hair, rose embroidery not so rarely is also characteristic for the style, both males and females wear it.

Rock fashion is one of the most popular ones thanks to it being connected with limitless self-expression. This style has helped birth many others such as greaser, punk and very popular among females Pin Up style.


Modern rockstar fashionistas maybe never have driven a motorcycle but are fans of this strong style or they simply enjoy music that was appropriated by the famous bikers.