The Street Creed

Male Street Style is no less interesting than the female street style. Modern men have learned that fashion can be fun on the streets as well. We have a plethora of male styles that can be used to create one unique style that can be worn every day on the streets as men march around doing their errands, go to school or day jobs.

Street style in both male and female fashion has no real written rule. It changes with the trends yet leaves a lot of space for a man to express himself with something uniquely his, therefore making this style not a blind follower of trends yet good for incorporation of the same.

When it comes to the history of this style it, it came to exist or better said was first noted in Britain in the post-war period, when self-expression was something people were left with after years of information. Street style is everything you see on the streets and it basically existed as long as humanity exists and well, the ''streets'', it says a lot about population and issues they are facing and how they are facing them. Street style got defined, so to say in the 20th century.

Male street style of the 21st century is a hectic mixture of all styles we know with an accent on sporty and urban clothes, well, because in 21-century comfort is everything.

As said before street style is an expression of the individual in his everyday surrounding, it is clothing men wear daily and use it to send a message to the world. Street style is nowadays used as a signal.

Characteristics of it depend on the personal style of the men but it can be noticed that fashion essentials for this style are Leather and denim jackets, jeans, wool coat, jumpers and sweaters, graphic t-shirts, timberlands, and sneakers.

When it comes to accessories male street stylers often wear beanies, backpacks, sunglasses and neard eyeglasses.

The layering of the clothes is very popular in street style as modern men never that spend days going from one point in the city to another never know if the weather will change and they are prepared for everything.

The male street style is one of the most popular male styles because it offers men creative freedom for self-expression and comfort.